Sailboat Keels

Sailboat keels are structures that are attached to the bottom of a sailboat’s hull and extend below the waterline. They serve a number of important functions, including providing stability, directional control, and increased lift.

There are several different types of keels that can be found on sailboats, including:

Full keels: These are the most traditional type of keel and are typically found on older, larger sailboats. They are typically long, deep, and heavy, and are designed to provide a high degree of stability and directional control.

Bulb keels: These are similar to fin keels, but they have a bulb or ballast at the bottom of the keel that provides additional stability and lift.

Wing keels: These are a newer type of keel, They consist of a narrow keel with two fins extending out on either side. They are generally shallower than full or fin keels, but provide a good balance of stability and speed.

Twin keels: These are keels that have two parallel fins running along the bottom of the boat. They are used in boats that need to sail in shallow waters and also can be easily beached.

The choice of the keel type will depend on the design of the boat and its intended use. For example, a racing sailboat may have a bulb or wing keel for increased speed and maneuverability, while a cruiser may have a full or fin keel for increased stability and directional control.

Overall, keels play a crucial role in the performance and handling of a sailboat, and the choice of keel type will depend on the specific needs and intended use of the vessel. For an estimate and to discuss how American Tin & Solder can further help you with the production of sailboat keels, please contact us.


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